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I create content for the web.

Digital Media Design LLC is a Wisconsin based website design and development firm. I aim to provide individuals and organizations with dynamic and intuitive designs and research. Whether it's a website for an institution, a logo or a social media video, I provide outstanding materials. My team will help organizations stand out from the masses and set them apart from the competitive herd.

I recommend industry standard design technique which will provide leading visuals and responsive online materials. My clients will see intuitive work and always keep the objective of their project as a priority. My commitment to clients starts with community. I try and connect with clients by understanding them as a people rather than clients paying for a product. As a result, I deliver purpose driven media campaigns and help build the clients community awareness which in turn will improve growth, all the while reflecting their culture and mission.

I write HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. I use CSS frameworks and MVC construction as well. The frameworks help me add functionality to my website designs. I also work with Digital Photography. I shoot using the Sony Alpha mirrorless DSLR system and I am partial to Carl Zeiss glass. I am starting a new photography project called Pixel Criminal. The theme is "Document the human experience". If you are into photography, check it out.

Tools I use for
creative work.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL are my cornerstones for dynamic web interfaces. CSS frameworks and MVC construction make the hard problems manageable. I provide web development, website redesign, digital illustration, photography, image editing and general media design. One of my goals is to have positive experiences with teamwork, clean code, research, responsive web design, photography and listening.

  • Responsive Web Design / CSS

  • Custom Code

  • Photography and Image Editing

  • HTML

  • Digital Animation

  • Digital Illustration

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Website Design and Development

My website development is care driven and methodical. I want to build the best web-based solution possible for clients. I build digital illustrations for website design or branding. This includes banner, logo, wireframing and digital animations. I can also provide user experience design and persona research. My favorite part of website design is photography, editing custom images, writing code, and working with people. I can develop in custom code and/or content management systems for consistency, usability and efficient production of web-based content.


As a photographer, I document the human experience. Capturing the likeness of environmental, animal, abstract or human conditions with digital photography.

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